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Probably the most frequent comment I get about this site is, "Such and such cant possibly be straight a straight guy would never, ever get fucked. If hes getting fucked, he must be gay." And as much as I try to convince the person making the comment that thats not true, most of the time he or she simply doesnt believe me.I think Grant is a good example of a straight guy who is willing to experiment. He works in construction and doesnt make a lot of money, so the idea of trying something new sexually and making a few extra bucks was appealing to him.This movie is all about a straight guy learning how to get fucked. Grant was a lot more relaxed this time around, but that isnt to say we didnt have a few rough patches. Getting your cherry popped the second time is slightly easier than the first, and I think Grant was finally able to let go and get that hairy muscle ass of his fucked good!Of course, Spence had the time of his life fucking Grant and did quite a good job of it as well. Spences cock is perfectly proportioned for a newbie and they both have such fantastic, muscular bodies.

Date: September 24, 2020
Stars: Grant / Spence
Category: Gay porn

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