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April Rain showed up with another half red and half her head. They say blondes have more fun and gingers don’t have any spirit, so what the hell does this imply for April? Based on Matt Williams it implies she isn't and he gets to be the one having the fun all. April is the sort of submissive which can't control himself. She cums with permission, screams curses if you dismiss her, along with giggles when you hit her. She is making when her body is worked by Matt just 19, whatever noise we need. Her grasp is his favourite notice. Initially it gets her moves, but she's moaning, and shortly after it escalates to all out begging as she attempts to avoid being punished for getting off without consent again. Something happens after a few orgasms that are extreme , though. Suddenly that laughter is gone. Her body is much more sensitive and the cane strokes have her.

From: Hardtied.com
Date: January 15, 2020
Stars: April Rain
Category: Spanking

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