Raven haired Nyxon is attempting to convince me that she is loved by my son and I’m not impressed by her. I try to bribe her to break it off and she has irate. We assert and smothers me. Nyxon is more powerful although I struggle and kick and I am napping. I awaken with my elbows smashed together behind my back and my thighs bound. I demand to be untied and Nyxon reveals that this was extreme, my son & ;s thought. The MILF slut pushes them deep into my mouth and then wraps my face with clear tape till I am gagged and removes her soaked panties. I try to shout through the gag but my shouts are muffled. The ropes are tight although I roll up and battle on the floor attempting to loosen off the bondage and I am completely weak. The bitch binds my wrists and puts me into a tight hogtie the whole time mocking me then she leaves me helplessly hogtied while she goes out to find the marriage license and gagged.

Date: May 11, 2020
Category: General porn

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