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Hey Boys I?m Nikita and that can be Sabina, I?m a blonde with blue eyes and also I?ve got a pair of Double D?s, Sabina is a brunette with brown eyes and also she?s packing a set of F-cups. Between you and me personally, I have a weakness for women with big tits. Ones bigger than mine! Funny the way we met. I looked for a wonderful store to get bras once I ran across a store known and had only moved to Prague,? ALL THOSE TITS ? , I walked in and there she was, everything and huge tits. Sabina smiled looked up, right off I knew I was in the ideal location! Ever since then we?ve become extremely close. So we decided to go get a bite to eat after work I ran down to the shop to pick out something sexy for your weekend, so she had been about to close up shop. We’re having our typical woman discuss when all of a sudden she said that she thought I was quite sexy. She explained that since I walked into her store she?s desired to be with me personally. I informed her that I felt exactly the identical way and wasted no more time. So we decided to make a night of that. We finished our meal and went for her place!When we got to the place we moved to the bedroomwe began touching and kissing each others tits, rubbing and squeezing them and put on the bed. Sabina?s tits were firm and big. I started licking at her tits around, teasing her nipples and leaned forward . We held that our tits within our hands and began shaking them, and rubbing them together. She began running her tongue along my nipples, licking my tits and biteing in them and bend down. We laid down and started rubbing our own bodies around. I pulled at Sabina?s panties and buried my face between her soft creamy thighs. I ran my tongue up and down the surface of her pink pussy, her pussy smelled so good and that I could see it started to get wet. As I proceeded to lap away at her pink twat, sabina held her melons and has been trembling them. I slid my hands in her pussy and slipped off her panties, it had been so hot and wet inside. I began sucking and licking on her clit as I moved my fingers in and out. My fingers slid and put down on the bed. Sabina stripped me and slowly began licking at my pussy. As she worked her way in I can believe her spread my lips with her tongue. She licked and sucked on my clit like it was her favourite flavored candies. My pussy was really wet and felt like it was on fire. Her hands slid in my hot wet pussy and began moving them out and in. She had a gentle touch, she left my pussy feel really good. She slipped her fingers for my burning twat that was moist and I ended up on all fours. She eased her hands back into my pussy and began fingering me . I grabbed my tits and began licking at them. Sabina obtained her glass dildo and slowly slid inside my wet pussy, with my pussy wrapped closely around my burning twat’s glass cock it slid in and out deeper and deeper. The dildo was really big and sleek, it felt really great how she kept slipping it in and out of my pussy from behind. The wet dildo slid from my wet pussy and got on her knees and hands. I took the glass dildo from her grip and started rubbing it up and down the side of her pussy before I slowly slid it in. I started sliding the dildo in and out of her tight pink hole but then I began fucking her pussy faster and harder, pushing against the glass cock inside her moist pink hole so deep as I could. I reached down and started massaging her clit hard and fast as I slid the glass cock in and out of her hole deeper and deeper. I pulled the dildo from and then we both laid on our backs. I slid it into her hot wet pussy and took the dildo, I started fucking her pussy quick and hard. I can see the dildo was becoming more and more wet each time I would slid out it. I kept shoving the dildo in her pussy deeper and deeper as fast as I could. I felt her pussy tighten up on the dildo as she had an tremendous Orgasm. The glass penis slid from her twitching pussy, it had been covered from top to bottom. She took the dildo and got on her knees. Out of being out of her, she slid the glass penis it felt really hot. She began sliding the dildo in and out of the pussy fast and hard. I started rubbing my clit and secured my pussy around it. I rubbed my clit faster and faster until I felt my pussy Explode, as the dildo slipped in and out of my wet hole. She slipped the dildo from my moist quivering pussy and we kissed. This will be a day I won’t ever forget!

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Date: April 15, 2019
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