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Sexy redhead Shiri Allwood is early from a Halloween party. Her mother and step-father are outside and the night is young, but Sebastian Keys appears to care about playing with games. He doesnt notice how good Shiri looks in her Halloween costume. He is oblivious to this reality that Shiri didnt come home and with video games to play with. Shiri isnt afraid to test the approach. Sebastians pants are unzipped by her and strokes his cock until he could no more ignore the wonderful feeling. Shiri fills her mouth with his rock hard erection. Sucking on it like candies. Sebastian shuts up and enjoys the blowjob. Now that Shiri gets his focus, she requests Sebastian to take off his trousers . Because Shiri spanks his bare nude buttocks, turning his lips red he moans with delight. Sebastian is a nuisance slut so Shiri shoves him into the ground and orders. Sebastian enjoys having he is humiliated by a woman and inform him what to do. He licks wash the leather shoes that were walking along the city sidewalks. Shiri has him worshiping her toes. Licking and sucking her toes. Sebastian kisses his way up Shiris bare leg. Sebastian has discovered a joystick to play . He opens wide to Shiris cock. She’s surprised at just how good he reaches blowjobs. Sebastian hungrily deep throats her penis, slobbering spit. Shiri demands Sebastians ass and he gives it up to abuse and use for her. She tickles and her cock deep in his opening pumps and slams. Sebastian is in heaven, all he could say is”fuck yeah”, trusting Shiri wont stop anytime soon. Sebastian is a true slut. His ass is open to cock drilling and Shiris hand spanking. Nice n Deep. Shiri is not likely to allow this chance with Sebastian go to waste, to be home alone. Sebastian happily lays on his back, legs spread wide, ready for Shiri all to blast her load all over him. Or would he ejaculate and be feeble? Either way, humiliated and Sebastian has been thoroughly dominated by Shiri. Hes found something better to do in order to play with video games after all!

From: Tsseduction.com
Date: June 30, 2020
Category: Shemale

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