Evil busty blonde Nadia White has me held hostage bound and gagged. Nadia is maintaining watch on me her partner in crime is receiving the ransom. She’s tired and decides to torment me. The unkind young girl catches my tits and fondles my pussy while I cry in my gag. She strokes stocking clad legs and squeezes my pussy XXXX me to smell her hands. Consider you she taunts because she sets my nipple between her lips and sucks it. You´re only worth the cash she tells me as she shoves my head between her big tits and smothers me. I cough and struggle, however Nadia hasn´t had her fill and she climbs on top of me and shoving her bare pussy down on my mouth and nose. My body bucks as I gasp for breath along with Nadia just laughs till she becomes bored of this as well. She awakens the ropes and also leaves me crying on the mattress. I furiously battle and within several minutes I manage to escape the bondage. I tip toe softly behind the couch and grab Nadia by the throat wrapping a satin cord round her neck and placing the bitch into a choke hold. I pay her mouth and nose and we wrestle on the ground. Nadia is flipping out while I remain cool, calm and collected. I hold her tightly until her enormous blue eyes roll back and she becomes limp. Well missy . . You &severe;ve been double crossed. Your partner in crime is my son!!! The best fucking dual cross! We´ve been searching for a person stupid enough to fall for it and you my dear match the bill. I rope Nadia&intense;s arms behind her back beating her elbows together. I mix her legs and bind them together. I leave the dumb busty blonde fighting at the bondage. Wiggle your way around me darlin… I wrap my bare hands across her throat and enjoy hearing little miss Nadia begging… Yes my dear, my spouse will cover that ransom and me and my son will be away into a new lifestyle in Europe.

Date: September 18, 2020
Category: General porn

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