Hot Muscular Convict.. –


Sexy tattooed convict Max says that he was home all weekend but the tape bound and gagged Cameron Kinkade stuffed in his trunk would indicate! Max throws him down on the couch and pulls his captive, burying his head in the crotch of Cameron, cutting off his panties and shoving his tongue deep into the buttocks of Cameron as he combats. But that is not all Max has in store because of his victim – that begins mercilessly tormenting Cameron buttocks and feet and brings out his trusty zapper. Next Cameron finds himself suspended with only duct tape as Max fucks his encounter with his thick cock and then flogs him while spinning him around and around, taunting him until Cameron finally awakens to his captor and enables his holes to be employed to their full potential. Max cuts Cameron down, then plants his tight round buttocks and piledrives him right into a filthy mattress on the ground, then flips him over and railings his hole till Cameron blows his load all over himself, and then fucks Cameron’s mouth until he can’t take it any more, spraying Cameron’s face with a sexy, thick climax. Cameron may think he’s free to go, but Max isn’t performed with his fairly fuck toy yet…

Date: July 29, 2020
Category: Gay porn

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