I´ve been enjoying a protracted stay in this beautiful hotel – spa days most of the comforts – free of charge of course! I gave the front desk two credit cards and life will be great. A knock on the door and undoubtedly I & acute; m anticipating a big expensive meal from room service, but I see a deep-seated girl that is professional. Who are you and where’s my area service? I´you will need to leave and m Terra Mizu and I am resort management. I laugh in her and demand to determine her boss. I am. I straddle her own body pinning her down and then throw off the uptight bitch onto the bed. I rope her wrists behind her back yanking on them tight as I cinch her elbows that are . Poor Terra cries kicking at her long legs and struggles – you mad bitch she screams. I decide to put in a crotch rope for her pussy giving a camel toe to the cunt. Awwww does this harm your pussy. Terra is in and mad pain and that I tell her I have rope for her long legs. I mix her ankles and tie them tightly. No escaping you dumb bitch. I grope her tits and unbutton her blouse and appropriate panties. Terra is appalled and continues to threaten to call the police . As I hogtie her and her squat rope connecting her legs I laugh. I tell the prissy resort manager I´ll blow her boss and continue to stay here for free!! While I buy something to gag the girl, terra cries out for help. I push it into severe & Terra and come back with a huge red ballgag . As I strap it 11, her eyes widen in fear. The drool starts to run out of her gag and I sense her pussy. I tell bad helpless Terra that I will be sure to inform intense and I will be licking on!!

Date: October 10, 2019
Category: General porn

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