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This POV scene is hot. You are Princess Mia’s slave. She leads you into the room and tells you that it is your lucky day. You are only one stroke away from having your loads shot as you gaze up at her amazing sex. You can see her amazing ass from the couch. She moves around, lowering herself to the ground and bringing it up towards your face. She reminds you that you don’t need to cumber unless I say so. Take care when you stroke. You will see the best angles and well-lit scenes when she sits right in front of you. It’s an amazing ass, and it is an honour to get to see such a beautiful ass. You are only made worse by her sexy cheeks. You will become so dependent on her antics that you’ll be unable to live without it. Would you be willing to put your tongue up my throat? She asks. She tells us that men, women, and slaves all want to have her ass. You are encouraged to stroke it, and she mocks your insanity at its small size. She says that you could not please a woman like that, but she doesn’t mind. “But you don’t care. You have my ans to worship, and that makes your life meaningful.” She wiggles her genitals, bringing it closer to her face. You don’t want to offend your goddess, she will only give you her commands. You are now only minutes away. Mia lies on her back, pulling her cheeks apart to show you the corner of her sexhole through the cloth of her pants. Mia starts a countdown for 10 seconds. If you time it right, she may allow you to repeat it next month.

From: clubstiletto.com
Date: October 5, 2022
Category: Feet

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