ID Slip extra plus exfoliating –


I&severe;m having a long soak in the tub and pampering myself. I&severe;m totally naked, except for an Tena Slip Extra about my crotch, also above the top of this, a crinkly set of pink vinyl pants. The water is lovely and warm, and I´m so relaxed. I can feel all of the pressures of the day melting away. My cute little feet are painted purple, and I stretch my legs out to heighten the pleasure of my butt muscles. I have some gorgeous My Little Pony bath goods on the side of the tub, including a few of my favourites that produces lots of bubbles at the bathwater. But I have prepared some pricey cleaning cream, which I´m going to work with to exfoliate my delicate skin. I wear some blue tub gloves, then open the bathtub of cream, and after slipping at a finger to scoop a while, I apply the lotion to my entire body. I rub the lotion over my shapely legs, under my forehead, and even over my pert little tits. In fact, rather cheekily, I take more time massaging this component of my body simply because it feels so great! Then I have a very long managed pink cleansing brush that I can reach my spine and use the lotion to those hard to reach places. Sometimes I really wish I had somebody to assist me;-RRB- My skin is feeling really clean and fresh, and I´m shiny in the water. There&severe;s another incentive. All of this lugging around in the tub is the reason for the plastic trousers to crinkle and rustle like crazy, and the scrunching sound they are producing is relaxing me more! And I really like knowing that there’s an ID Slip Extra under alongside my bare bum although I&severe;m doing this. I&severe;m feeling really great that I really don´t need to escape. Fortunately, the water remains hot, and I have no plans for the afternoon, so I can stay where I am;)

Date: September 13, 2020
Stars: Faye Taylor
Category: Fetish

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