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I was rollin with my team when we came. I dont take too kindly to folks fucking with my trip, so his head, Cuntree Pipes, also Ace almost cuts off. We first chose him when she volunteered to do anything to be able to rescue her sons life that was pathetic, so he could say his goodbye. We didnt believe that because her offspring is white shed want to fuck with 3 niggas but she was on her lips slobbering about 3 black cocks. Not until her pussy got destroyed us by all although we had been about to split. She couldnt stop shaking since the dicks shes used to are white ones who cant get hard. Janet Mason is among the craziest and hottest MILF Cougars Ive encountered but she adores crazy to fuck with 3 men.

From: WatchingMyMomGoBlack.com
Date: May 24, 2020
Stars: Janet Mason
Category: Hairy

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