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Here is exactly what Emma Haize brings to the table. This hot blonde is sporting a pair of tits that scream “touch merdquo;, a pretty small pussy begging to be fucked, and a love of bondage that speaks for itself. She also doesn't hesitate for a second when it comes to getting down and dirty with all the pros of BDSM. O.T. is her direct today, into the world of alluring bondage, rough corporal punishment, along with also extreme sexual humiliation.Gags aren't simply a tool for management, they are a great way of humiliation. Emma is going to know this better than anyone at the end of her semester using O.T. It's a bit degrading using something wedge her mouth open in this way. Any relaxation she gains from having the ability to bite is removed knowing that if she has anything to state the metal inside her mouth will make it appear wrong. That's bad . But the drool is really where things actually go to the next level. It drips down the front of her body, leaving a trail of slime that is disgusting and humiliating. It gets everywhere and there is nothing she can do about it.In typical bondage slut style this makes Emma dripping wet. The clamps which tug her pussy lips apart additionally illustrate how prepared to go she really is. Mr. Pogo pounds her pussy until she is literally crying and creaming. Her orgasms are so intense they rock her entire body and abandon her barely able to talk or walk.

From: Infernalrestraints.com
Date: June 7, 2019
Stars: Emma Haize
Category: Squirting

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