Kelly Leigh #2 –

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Many men mistakenly believe that a mature lady must be some sort of well-mannered housewife in the suburbs. Thats true of several but certainly not all the MILFs we fulfill. In this Mommy Blows Finest youll meet Kelly Leigh. Kelly is the sort of girl who interrupts you to fix you if you mistakenly call her love or dollface. Shell say if you’d phone be whore or cunt Id feel a great deal more comfortable. Some women actually get off on being humiliated and it requires a mature whore to come to terms with this dark secret from within their very own psyche. Kelly is a dirty whore… and happily in this scene you can see she’d eventually come to terms with this fact. She has never been happier!

Date: October 29, 2018
Stars: Joe / Kelly Leigh
Category: General porn

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