Landon & Porter –


“Do you understand exactly what this guy is packing, Porter?” We asked him as he looked at Landon and smiled. “Yeah! A lota lot of fun! “It was a really hot afternoon, so they decided to cool off a little in the pool following a quick workout in the sun. They were rather touchy-feely and unreserved with each other that you could tell they only wished to get to the fucking. Porter wanted Landons big dick inside his ass and Landon desired nothing more than to provide him what he wantedand he gave it to him great, blowing a load deep inside of him. “How does that cum texture inside you? “Porter replied right away,”Good! Ive been waiting all day! “It goes without saying, but both were abandoned grins from ear to ear.

Date: September 21, 2020
Stars: Landon / Porter
Category: Gay porn

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