Landon –


Landon had never flown before. He hadnt arrived, although I went to pick him up in baggage claim. A few minutes later, people began filtering through the corner entry. I kept my eyes peeled. . .About half way during the influx, I seen this gorgeous young man. It had been one of these”yes!” Moments because I knew it was him. He was wearing a t-shirt that was tight along with it was pulled by his knapsack back enough you could see his chest and abs. Moreover, he was wearing a tight pair of trousers with a significant bulge at the front.Even though he had just gotten off a long trip that he had a massive smile on his head. I went over and introduced myself, and he was extremely favorable. I could tell that he was just soaking up every moment of his brand newest adventure!As for me… that I couldnt wait to see him naked!Once we got him in the front of the camera, so we asked him a few questions to find out more about him. A few tidbits:”‘m at school and that I bartend,” he said. “Id love to be an entertainer… songs amusement, to be specific. Music has always been my passion. “Additionally, hes newly only:”I broke up with my girlfriend, therefore that the bluesy, jazzy type music is where Im at. “And then, the moment of truth!He took his clothes off and it didn’t disappoint!Landon has a big, beefy torso, popping six pack abs, beautiful arms, and a big, thick, strong cock.And he likes to show it all off!!

Date: October 11, 2019
Stars: Landon
Category: Gay porn

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