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Kenzie Reeves struggles while she studies for her exam. Although she wants to be a masseuse, it is difficult for her to grasp the part about bolsters. So what do bolsters actually DO? ?
Dee Williams walks past, while she is lamenting on her computer. When she sees Kenzie struggle, Dee Williams is concerned and asks what’s the problem. Kenzie shares what’s troubling her and admires Dee for being a great masseuse. Kenzie only wishes she had the ability to inherited DeeAs masseuse skills.
Dee is certain that Kenzie can become a great masseuse if she puts in the practice. SheA’s actually happy to teach Kenzie how to use the bolster. Kenzie is desperate to pass the exam but also needs a break from studying so she readily agrees.
KenzieA is soon sitting on a massage table, with a cushion under her knees. Dee helps her to move through this process. She inexplicably gets warm even though she attempts to keep it to herself. The heat increases when Dee makes her turn over on her back so her pussy and genitals are up in the air. Dee gets caught up in this moment and her hand starts to wander towards KenzieAs pussy, giving it a rub. Despite being embarrassed they both can’t help but feel the sparkly electricity between them.
Dee uses the opportunity to finger, bolster and eat out Kenzie because sheA’s so well dressed. Kenzie also wants to try Dee’s delicious food. Kenzie is more than willing to give it another try if this doesn’t work.

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Date: June 10, 2022
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