Lightweight Division –


While Santino is a title you might remember from past seasons Project Runway, and really it would be exactly like him to design a namesake that’s 59, 150 pounds and sporting a heavy, famished, thick eight-inch rod that appears overly heavy on his lean frame it just may make him moan. Our Santino is a mop-topped 26-year-old guy who only has one thing more outsized then his cock; the quantity of hormones that his matching bull-sized sack provides him with as he was almost in a trance, operating his pole in his shorts from even before we had the camera rolling. When a guy is eager to work his bone, and that bone hits the measuring tape in the eight-inch markers, we were only too happy to remain out of their way and let him return to business.There is something only a little evil in the way he smirks at the camera, knowing how badly we want to view what’s holding up the large tent, but instead he whips his shirt off first, showing a naturally hairless chest, a pair of dark brown shoulders and bejeweled covered with ink drawn using a sinister edge. A sigh escapes his lips as his eyes roll back and he also gives us a teasing glimpse of his shaft stuffs it back in the fly, prolonging our torment and his delight in a movement as sexy as it really smooth. Crossing to the seat, he puts down to his briefs because his cock is currently too difficult to button his fly again. Standing up, his beef eventually flops outside, a good six inches of thick, cut beef that is barely showing signs of life however. Santino is the sort of man that’s both a show-er plus a grow-er, plus he sure aint done any growing yet.His balls are two sacks that hang low, heavy just like the meat he is moving over them, looking like a pendulum at a tall clock tower about to deceive midnight New Years Eve. He also humps the mattress, then showing off that milk-white buttocks before turning over and showing his now totally hard rod which allows us know that its witching hourand that his long fat penis has decided it is play time. He functions that pole with one hand and his balls with the other until that sacks streamlined and push a load which covers his stomach and begins to run down his thighs. Wiping the runway with semen from his finger and hammering the finals drops that flow from the head, Santino licks his fingers clean, demonstrating that sometimes its OK to play with your food afterwards.

Date: August 12, 2019
Stars: Santino
Category: Gay porn

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