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How can you overload the 21st century’s most skilled BDSM model? Is there a single thing or combination that could overwhelm one of the most experienced BDSM models of today? Caning your feet? A dildo impale your feet? A vibrator that makes you cumber? You get heavy weight and nipple clamps. Are your panties stuck in your throat and you are severely tape-gagged? You were raised higher by the unstable pulley. An 18-lb. A 18 lb. weight attached to your neck and the pressure triggering your brain to cumber harder and quicker? You get cold water spraying at your face in high pressure. It was hard for you to breath and your head was upside-down. It was one of the things that drove her overboard, or all of them? Is it one of those things that pushed her over the edge or all of them?

From: devicebondage
Date: June 4, 2022
Category: Toys

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