Love At First Sight –


Scene Matt shows up at the massage parlor Having a night plasma lamp.

Hayden greets him and he tells her that someone left the lamp if she might be interested in trading the light to get a massage, and that he had been interested. She believes it sounds like a fair trade so that she leads him and chooses the lamp. He admits to her that he’s got a crush on her as she moans down and he was just searching to come see her. She is flattered by his honesty and suggests that maybe he’d like a complete body massage. Matt is pleased to watch her take her clothes off and show off her incredible body and agrees. She reaches down and starts stroking his cock then she leans in and gives head to him. She crawls on top of him so she could get into a 69 and grind her pussy. He licks along with her sweet pussy while she strokes and sucks his hard dick. So he can observe a she strokes and sucks him till he looks like a volcano and fills her mouth Since he gets close to cumming she moves around.

Date: June 14, 2020
Stars: Hayden Bell
Category: Blowjob

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