Love Me Wright –


All of you cried out for more. Welcome back muscular hottie, Mitch Vaughn. It’s not always Vegas that is the best. We have Mitch, who was 30 years old. After his last week’s hot solo, Mitch left everyone wanting more. WeA’re glad to oblige. MitchA’s new costar today is here at MenOver30. We have a feeling that you will love him as much as Mitch. Parker Wright, a tall, handsome and dark-skinned man from Phoenix, AZ, makes 37 look amazing. He has short hair, furry pecs and sparkling eyes. These studs were kind enough to let us know if they wanted someone to come over and what they’d make. Mitch doesn’t have a lot of cooking skills, but desserts are his forte. HeA’s an amateur pastry chef and loves to create A’Boccone DolceA, an Italian meringue dessert that has layers of cream and chocolate. Parker doesn’t consider himself a professional chef, but his Mom taught him several recipes. His favorite recipe is Shrimp Scampi Marinara. ItA’s served in red sauce with some Parmesan and linguini. Mitch laughs, “So IA’m coming for dinner. When?” Parker grins and says, “As long as I bring dessert?” We should start making that cream filling. Mitch and Parker make it back home from a long flight. As their clothes hit the ground, they start to get intimate. These studs have worked hard to build their bodies. Parker continues to lick MitchA’s chest until he feels that hard cock in the back of his mouth. Mitch grumbles as Mitch burys his thick cock down ParkerA’s throat. Parker is a little irritable but refuses to give up, as he takes in every bit of the cock. Mitch stands up and fucks his nose before placing Parker on the ground to feed him. Mitch is going to have more for Parker. He will make his way down south to feed ParkerA’s bird. Parker is in exasperation as Mitch suckers on the cock. Mitch gets ParkerA to suck on that hot cock, before picking ParkerA up with his legs and digging into the furry hole. As Parker gets the hole filled and spat on, he moans “Oh my tongue! Mitch cannot get enough of Parker’s ans. He gets him to bend down so that he can continue eating it and then get ready to get his fat dick. As Parker begins to ride the dick, Mitch assists him. ParkerA’s tight torso is being stretched by MitchAs thick cock as he bounces his hot ass on the dick. Parker cannot get enough of MitchA as he grinds down his hot ass, getting every bit of MitchA’s blood inside. Parker gets up and walks away, only to sit on the chair in reverse cowgirl. Mitch watches his fat dick disappear up in that hole. Parker is quick to get back on the horse and ride that meat like an experienced jockey. Mitch gets Parker up off the dick and allows him to bend over so that he can slam his back doggy-style. Parker is unable to help but to moan, as he bends over and takes it. As Mitch continues to grind that hole, they make out. Parker is then joined by Missionary, who gets to fill the hole with more stuffing. As he approaches the climax, Mitch slips inside and speeds up his pace. Parker is pushed over the edge by his thick cock as he unloads everything. Mitch pulls out his own cock and lifts it, sending the load splattering over Parker’s chest and abs.

From: menover30
Date: September 26, 2022
Category: Gay

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