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It’s great to get gifts, especially when they’re well-chosen and indicate that the giver had tastes and the needs of their giftee in your mind. And that is since it is clearly a item that is terrific — why Skye Fox is thrilled with her new vibrator, and it’s exactly what she wanted! And she’s likely to give it a first run when she awakens in the whirlpool bath. The charming British bird (small bit of 60s lingo there, chaps! ) ) Drops her towel to reveal her lovely form, and sucks on her pink vibe, rubbing it on her nipples, between her tits, and down into her clam, becoming herself very worked –just have a look at the moist spot on her towel for the evidence!! More relaxed, she finally slides to the hot water water of the tub, which rinses off the perspiration of her body as she continues to play with the toy, not able to keep it! And then now we get to see her every move with this new preferred thing inside her personal arsenal of arousal! You’ll see Skye from every angle, close-up and full-length, so it is possible to feast on her attractiveness as you achieve just a stimulation of your own!

Date: April 15, 2019
Stars: Skye Fox
Category: Solo

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