Madison, Sindee Jennings and.. –


Live Show Mondays brings you area 3 of the April live show that featured Madison Young, Sindee Jennings and special guest co-top Isis Love.As we set up the next two-girl bondage picture, Isis Love reaches top of the cage and also vibrates herself into a squirting orgasm which drenches both handcuffed girls.Then Madison is placed into a rigorous elbows touching strappado hogtie, on top of a box with Sindee trapped inside.We rub on a compound heating agent on to Sidnee’s cunt. Begging and her screams move to deaf ears as most of our attention is turned to Madison. Except when individuals re-apply the compound to Sidnee’s cunt and breasts.Madison is subsequently Triple-teamed, as Peter comes and assists with the punishment. Isis abuses Madison’s nipples using CASTRATION bands and clover clamps. Then the 2 men bear down Madison with their entire power and strength with floggers and canes.This scene includes some of the toughest foot caning we’ve done to date, together with some tough flogging, all of the while the other girl is crying out of a burning pussy. Insert in a strong orgasm and we’ve 3 of the April feed to part.

Date: June 6, 2020
Category: Gay porn

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