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Flash Brown isnt you to let Mae Meyers to walk home shortly after the huge game. Despite the fact that Mae is a cheerleader for its rival team she has a key infatuation to get Flash Brown. Mae and Flash are shooting the breeze once the topic of his sexual conquests comes into play. Maes girlfriends have talked her ear off on Flash enormous black cock and how he uses it to violate each of their holes. Mae has never dabbled in interracial intercourse only because her father has cautioned her about black men in general. However, Mae marches to the beat of her own drum and that she soon discovers herself face-to-face with 12 inches of chocolate beef. Maes dad would go into cardiac arrest if he knew his familys sofa was Flash was sliding his mammoth black cock in his little angels throat. Maes eyes water as each inch of Flash big black cock invades her windpipe. The pigtails on Mae maintain the hair out of her face so we get a crystal very clear perspective of a black penis slut whos appreciating the task at hand. Mae Meyers gives her jaw a break and utilizes her ten little piggies to stroke the black anaconda which Flash carries around on a daily basis. We get treated to Mae Meyers lowering herself on a black penis which stretches her out as well as preparing her child birth. Mae risks losing her palm-palms when she bends and Flash drills her pussy against as her pussys death grip on his cock gradually loosens up. Flash does an excellent job of devoting his big,black cock deep into Mae her rib cage must be getting tickled by all stiff meat. The match winning shooter comes when Mae;s mouth and hands get that much desired nut sauce which Flash happily components with.

Date: January 11, 2019
Stars: Mae Meyers
Category: Brunette

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