Maggie Meat 2 –

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Maggie Mead is a smart mouthed tramp that is currently going to learn her place now. Each time PD or some participant asks her a wonder you can be sure she will provide the answer she can think of. That kind of behaviour lands her in exactly the type of trouble that she loves.Her nipples aren’t only clamped, there’s power running through them. She is tasked with carrying a weight and the regular shocks imply that muscle fatigue is the least of her worries. Surprisingly enough, even when they add even more fat she holds on tight. She does not shed her charge although her body is twitching from the strain. You’d think that the experience would teach a while to her but she is ungrateful as . We want to feed her lunch and our present is rejected by also this bitch like it’s below her. It ought to be adequate for her When it’s good enough. We’ll just have to think of various ways of committing it.

Date: May 15, 2019
Stars: Maggie Mead
Category: Humiliation

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