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My profession was brilliant and with all I have experienced I’ve set out to open my own dungeon in San Francisco! Currently I am making my way across the country and world having been encouraged to work in the most well-known dungeons in business now as study before I start the doors to the most innovative and exclusive dungeon ever, MM. My first stop was a 5 times in NYC at the Midtown Manhattan dungeon to film two times with a single client that is lucky. Rob had no idea what to expect but I had been on fire and totally inspired. I tore this guy in two and emptied him of every drop of guy filth he had inside him if he wanted it himself or not and that was just day one. This includes everything you ever needed at a femdom movie, humiliation, draining and trapping, pain and punishment, CBT, ass worship, pussy worship and so much more! Maybe you will need the same treatment and one day I will find you knocking on the door at MM begging for punishment.Stay prepared for the second installment of the New York City adventure!XO,M.M.~

Date: April 15, 2019
Category: Femdom

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