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Everything old is new again has kind of been a summer theme here at Plus it goes without saying that we do not believe 30 anything but the beginning of the period where guys are their wildest, horniest, and undoubtedly within their prime. Scott personifies all that and more. Scott Tanner is a smoldering blond stunner using a winged body covered in a dusting of gold fur, a face which magazine covers are manufactured from, and an always-hard, extra-thick, eight-inch slab of dick that is in the running to the worlds most perfectly shaped penis. Though relatively new to our stud farm, Scott is now a huge favorite already, and today is joined by one of the first dirty dozen featured in our opening lineup when the site initially launched a couple of years back; Chad. Chad is a tall, fine, hard-bodied & perpetually-horny drink of water having a heaping serving of Southern charm he works into a seduction machine that is as successful as it is instant. Scott is thirty-one, Chad is forty-one, and by the minute these studs put eyes on each other, the appeal was so magnetic that the only number that mattered was that they were certainly the most suitable one per other.Their lips meet as if it is a kiss they have been holding back to as long as possible and cannot reevaluate their urges for even one more moment. The tops go flying, pants return, the underwear is pitched, and because of their dicks, these are hard from the instant they met. Pretty soon those stone hard throbbers are concealed down each other throats. Nothing turns Scott on like sucking on a pretty bit of meat, also cocks don’t find much more economical than Chads long, straight, thick and black slab. Scotts cock responds by getting tough as steel and soon finds its way in to Chads fortunate mouth as Scotts fingers find their way to a new target: Chads very sleek, quite tight, and very hungry hole. Pulling his knees up to his chest, Chad makes sure that his hands are shortly replaced by Scotts tongue before turning the tables and giving Scott the ass ingestion of his lifetime. Scott and Chad definitely understand how give and take turns ordinary sex to an art form, also with a masterpiece of a butt like Chads plus a world-class cock such as Scotts, Chad is ready to provide up his bum since Scott is prepared to take it.From the minute Scott starts his anal attack, Chads cock fills with blood and stays rock hard for the duration. Using long, slow, masterful strokes, then Scott fills Chads buttocks until Chad can feel the heat from Scotts balls, then gradually pulling back until just the tip is still buried, he makes Chads hole begged to be filled again. Moving to the ground, the rhythm is now really absolutely in sync, Chad pushes back and forth Scott pushes ahead like a well-practiced fuck machine set to the utmost enjoyment setting. Together with Chad standing around the bed and Scott climbing on and re-entering from behind, the noise of the head board banging against the wall sounds like rapid gunfire. The real struggle is to see just how long Scott can keep it up before having to surrender the strain in his balls. The pressure of that perfect thumping causes Chad to move first, and then he unloads a huge nut all over his belly as Scott pulls out, aims his penis at this white mess, and provides a huge load of his own which continues to ooze from his dick until even after the camera stops rolling. After the chemistry is this sexy, the sex never gets older, does it guys? See the following week.

Date: August 13, 2019
Stars: Chad / Scott Tanner
Category: Gay porn

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