Mandy Sweet –


Mandy and Shane are currently observing the fact he just bought a home from her, and that she rewards him with just a tiny bit of dicksucking. Shes married thats all she is willing to give him so he eventually gives up and goes home to complete this. Since hes leaving, he sees her son, so persuaded that his Mother is fucking this nigger, actually keying the word nigger into his vehicle! Shane grabs him, and takes him inside to ask his Mom just what sort of son she is raising. The child is still pissed since he thinks his Mother is screwing black dudes, so to punish him, she makes him watch as she really does exactly what he fears the most, spreads her legs with this massive black dick, also swallows that nasty load right in front of him!

Date: November 5, 2019
Stars: Mandy Sweet
Category: Fetish

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