Mario’s Boy: Now Get.. –


Underneath credits and the title, Doug and Mario can be heard arguing – finished Seans struggling grunts – regarding the issue of rope-tying up anyone inescapably. Doug says its almost impossible; Mario says thats true, though Dougs doing the linking. They make a wager. If Mario will tie upward Sean he will provide the boy. The scene opens Sean, tightly tied into ducttape-gagged and a seat, the two masters seeing Sean struggle and drinking beer. Little by little Sean works his hands then his toes, legs and body, and . When completely out of the ropes, then he falls to his knees and then bows his head to Mario.The mattress is down and Sean, standing, and still tape-gagged, is tied up by Mariohis hands behind back and in a rope harness. From there he’s put on the bed and Mario hogties him. When finished, Mario guarantees him that Sean wont escape out of that and goes to stand beside Doug. Sean starts struggling. The ropes dont look tight, however, they prove powerful. Sean writhes around on the bed, threatened by Mario him if he doesnt get totally free hell be tickled.Sean gets tickled. Wearing a collar and locked leather restraints, Sean is spreadeagled on the bed and tickled by Doug and Mario with feathers and fingers. He thrashes around, almost not able to breathe, begging the Masters to cease, his whole body a mass of quivers. He is blindfolded by mario. The two masters begin tickling him. Feet thighs, inner thighs,

Date: November 27, 2019
Category: Gay porn

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