Master Avery and the new.. –


Master Avery offers Ethan Hudson his services in the hope of becoming his slave. Ethan worships the dom to prove his worthiness. Ethan licks his boots before moving up to the hairy pits. He then uses his tongue against MasterA’s hard, powerful cock. Ethan is tied up by the leather master and given a severe flogging. He then locks him in a steel cage, and starts to fuck his face with the bars. Master Avery holds Ethan up with his newly flogged bubble butt and then makes fresh red marks with his cane. Ethan, still feeling his anguish, gets MasterA’s hard-core cock and is forced to endure a brutal bondage. Master Avery ends the sub by dumping a lot of cum on Ethan’s face. Master Avery rewards the slave by allowing him to put on his MasterA boots, and then clean them.

From: boundgods
Date: May 26, 2022
Category: Domination

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