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Megan Pryce has accepted the news of Zeks cheating with a smile on her head. Can it be thats shes a forgiving sistah? Can it be that each Sunday shes told to forget and forgive? Is it harboring bitterness ages black girls faster compared to L.A sunlight? No, Megan Pryce gets in the back of her mind that the ideal way to zap Zeks pride would be to be one of the very lucky black bitches to participate in the Cumbang bonanza. We’ll line up. We will fuck her mouth as though it owes us food stamps. We’ll drop buckets and buckets of jizz. We will get the fuck out of the town until Zek gets his old prison team and searches us down white boys.

Date: January 11, 2019
Stars: Megan Pryce
Category: Fetish

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