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It’s another Top Cock match, and it’s hot! Sebastian Keys takes off his ref’s shirt and enters the ring with Mike Maverick, a hot stud. Mike believes his black belt will win the karate match, however Sebastian Keys refers to MikeA’s three black belts. They go at it full throttle from the start, engaging in a lot of brutal holds and acrobatics. The wrestlers are charged up right from the start, with hard-hitting erections that leave no room for their opponents to be sexually humiliated. For a taste of victory, the winner will slap the loser and push his face down into his sweaty shoes. The winner takes the loser out for a spin before putting his terrible face back in the middle of the ring and having a hard time doing it. As he eats thick cock, the loser must maintain a pained planking posture. The loser will blow a lot of heat all over his stomach, and then take a bite of hot winner cum.

From: kinkmenclassics
Date: September 22, 2022
Category: Licking

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