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Sandra Bell is relaxing around the massage table, anticipating strong hands to soothe her woes. Enter Radek, a chiseled hunk of man. He catches the acrylic introduces himself into the blonde babe, and gets to do the job. Radek begins at her throat and shouldersand then works his way down her spine, bringing Sandra into a condition of pure comfort. As her thighs are spread by Radek A giggle escapes from Sandras lips, if he inserts a finger and she gasps out of enjoyment. Fingering her while still holding her huge tits Radek leaves Sandra squirt with a few quick thrusting. Following the climaxes, Radek is grabbed by Sandra from the cock, pulling it from his pants and sucking on on it, which makes it so wet that when he moves her over to fuck her from behind it slides right in. After fucking in position Sandra and Radek are coated in perspiration, and the stud unleashes his cum all!

Date: February 11, 2019
Category: Fingering

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