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Like a greek statue Alex Mecum stands tall, as he awaits the 30 Minute Challenge his muscles glistening with perspiration. Against the walls, his hands are bound above his head, exposing his bald chest and torso for torment. Alexs raging penis throbs between his thighs as Sebastians hands rain down from his body. But he learns he should be careful what he wishes for, although Alex just begs for more. . .The flogger whips against his slice of meat sending Alexs cries over the moon because hes mercilessly. Strapped to the chair, a ball gag muffles the muscled hunks moans. Clover springs torment his balls and nipples, the pain excruciating even the ball gag cant include his screams. But nothing compared to this sensation of having them torn out of his flesh. Now weve taken good care of his balls, we then turn our attention to his aching cock. A number of sounds slide deep fucking his interiors as every sound becoming bigger and bigger. We let loose the gimp, ravaging his hole as his brow torments once more once his penis has been fucked. Upon his conclusion, Alex is freed from his bondage where he strokes his cock that was sensitive and then oozes his load all over himself as reward.

Date: February 2, 2019
Stars: Alex Mecum
Category: Gay porn

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