Muscled leather hunk at the.. –


A vertically-strapped Hugh Hunter is awaiting Trenton Ducati, his leather master. Trenton emerges from the shadows, his naked body covered in a blanket of floggers. Trenton smacks HughA’s sexy torso and reminds Hugh that he is his property. Trenton begins to flogging HughA’s torso and ass. Hugh is getting tired of the constant flogging so Trenton takes HughA’s cock out and makes HughA feel like a spinning flogger. Trenton promises Hugh a surprise and pulls out his violet wand. The wand sparkles above HughA’s chest, tongue, and balls. Hugh is strapped into a rope and his hands are tied behind his back. Trenton takes control of his propertyA and gives it another try before finally bringing the crop out. Trenton gives HughA a hard blowjob after warming HughAA’s hands, as well as his cock, and cock. Hugh gasps as Trenton attaches the clothespin zip from his torso down to his thigh. Trenton places the ends of his zipper on the ground, and Hugh is lifted into the air by Trenton. Hugh shouts out for help as his skin is ripped by the clothespin. Trenton then turns his attention to his screaming and yanks Hugh into the air. Trenton’s hunky of meat is bound up and leaning on two posts, as TrentonAs fat cock enters the tight spot. HughA continues to fuck HughA until Trenton’s master releases all of his cum and sprays it all all over HughA.

From: boundgods
Date: August 14, 2022
Category: Domination

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