My Girlfriend’s First Time –

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Remi Lacroix prepares a great hot surprise for her lover Jenna Sativa. What is it you ask? A beautiful bathroom full of bath salts and a single rose representing Jenna. Remi goes into her room where she’s inquire Jenna she’s a surprise for her and also to come and meet . As this is Jennas very first time, she’s a little overwhelmed with the thought that Remi placed to making her feel comfortable and relaxed. Remi lathers Jenna using a soap soaked sponge along with her shiny beautiful buttocks and chest. Jennas nipples are totally vertical from enthusiasm. Their bodies adopt each other and eyes wrapped like in a trance that cannot be unbroken. Remi will do whatever it takes for Jenna to be at ease so that she proceeds to rub on Jennas soft underside. Remis subtle expressions have paid off since Jenna sits around the bottom of the bathtub and opens her legs ready for Jenna to have a taste.Water escapes over Jennas shaved, pink pussy which makes it nice and moist. Remi takes soap to rub against Jennas pussy, massaging her outer lips with gentle intentions. Jenna becomes flushed with enthusiasm as Remi continues to rub her smooth clit and lays her mouth Jennas business cm. Remis goal is to have Jenna cum to matter how much time it takes but it doesnt take long till she inserts her fingers at Jennas pussy. Filled with enthusiasm, Jenna awakens her first anal climax. Giggling with joy, Jenna expresses her gratitude to Remi by eating her out pussy. Jennas long tongue slides over Remis outer lips continuously along with her fingers moving in and out, making Remi scream with happiness.

Date: March 14, 2019
Category: Blonde

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