Nadia Jay –


Weve captured Nadia Jay entering a location that would make the most hardened of sluts uncomfortable. The black beauty has entered a adult bookstore where pornography performs on a constant loop. Nadias focus is on the holes in the walls. And its not long before Nadia finds their use….its for black women to dine on arbitrary white cock. Naida rubs that soaking clit before a lucky white stranger analyzes the waters by placing his cock to the holes at the wall. Not one to run out of an odd situation, nadia, sucks down to whiteys meat and falls on her knees. Nadias mouth requires a timeout if her pussy measures around the plate for a few bareback fun. Nadia Jay rides the wall with cracker lotion till her pussy overflows.

Date: June 7, 2020
Stars: Nadia Jay
Category: Fetish

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