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She is originally from Indiana and now lives in California. SheA’s not a tattoo- or piercing-free girl, so you wouldn’t want to bring her to your mom. But, be aware that she may have a side of the sexy. SheA’s dressed in a simple college-girl outfit and has no underwear when we meet her at the restaurant. She teases us by showing us her breasts and giving us a peek between her legs. In a construction zone, she ends up fingering and masturbating with herself. She shows her former cheerleader skills at a park and then masturbates, fingers, and continues to finger herself. She needs somewhere private to have an intimate time with her friends. She then runs around in the area, flaunting her curves on a trail and gets naked for photographs. She then visits an office and puts on a blue gown with wedges. She then plays with her funky glass toys, pushing it as far as she can and riding a tiny traffic cone. It spreads her open and allows her finger to be fetched with three or four fingers. It’s time to have some fun with anal play. She fingers herself anally using three fingers. Next, she uses a steel plug for her fingers and then takes out a large, glass ball dildo from deep within her stomach. She then masturbates using a vibrator, while her butt toy is inside, in order for more orgasms! We get close-ups of her clit because it gets very swollen quickly. With a speculum she gets even more kinkier and then uses a steel dildo to reach her A’back Vagina WallA’, while still wide-eyed! She returns to the outdoors and rides a lightsaber-toy. As she bids farewell, the day is ended with mini-golf. FTV welcomes this fun and natural face.

From: ftvgirls
Date: August 12, 2022
Category: Toys

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