Nikita –


Old Nikita is 5 4 inches tall and follows orders well. When told to shows us her Ukraine ass she is quick to bend over and get it done. Ukraine is next on the list and damn, this pink pocket is still tight! Shes got a slamming C cups and you can bet that these tits are totally real! Enormous nipples, a great ass, a tight grasp… and now we all get to give her her first on camera facial! As she keeps trying to get more cock inside her mouth, her nose ring glimmers in the lights, her tits look fantastic also in case you look back past your dick you’re able to see them heaving forward with every squeezing her mouth gets! She also doesnt force you with idle chit-chat when she’s assumed to be sucking you hear in Nikita is the sound! There is only 1 way to complete a blond freshwater suck slut and overlook t worry… this facial doesn’t disappoint! Your penis will laugh itoff s balls at this movie’s conclusion when she answers some post-cum interview questions!Nikita is nineteen and retains a dick just like a Mike and has the best tits of any 1000 Facials woman ,- Relentless

Date: June 27, 2020
Stars: Jack H / Nikita
Category: Fetish

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