No Escape For Weakling Slave –


Miss XI says, “I love working out on my legs,” as she cuts her slave’s neck. This bitch loves her and it allows him to boast later that he had been between two hot girlsaEUR(tm). XI enjoys going to the gym because she wants to keep her legs strong. And, since sheaEUR ™, is naturally sadistic she can squeeze every bit of sheaEUR ™.

It’s fun for her to make the slave talk, squeeze and even smile a lot. He will fall to the ground and she will lie on her stomach, with her head between her legs. He slouches to the ground and she reversibly positions herself, putting her neck between her legs. The slave appears and disappears throughout the scene. XI comments that it’s fortunate you don’t have too many brain cells.

Date: August 9, 2022
Category: Feet

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