No masturbation without.. –


Misstress Lexi caught her slave masturbating in public without her consent. He claimed he could not help but watch one of Lexi’s videos. Lexi then chains him to the pole and gives him a cane. Lexi also has another slave, which she keeps in her cage so that he sees what happens to him if he doesn’t obey. Lexi beats her slaveA with her cane and then uses a more severe metal cane to punish him. Lexi locks the slave in a cell and ignores his pleas for mercy. He will be able to see if the lock has been removed by Lexi, as it is marked with a number. He doesn’t even care to find out the penalty for another masturbation that took place without his permission.

From: femdomempire
Date: August 9, 2022
Category: General

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