Sexy Brazilian Stefania Mafra is a mean back traumatic reporter. To teach her a lesson she is given a suggestion to come to an abandoned commercial building. The door opens and enters the building, but she is already expected by me personally and I am sitting on the staircase. I order Stefania to put up her hands and walk in the room. Angry Stefania kneels to a dirty mattress with her hands bound behind her back and her thighs and legs. I gag her with pieces of tape, me insult. Her heels are taken by me and tell the bitch to stay put while I go buy more rope. I come back and left alone Stefania jumps around searching to receive free and catch her! Not so quick missy and I push her back onto the mattress. I pull up her top exposing her small tits and breast rope her into a chest harness. I tie her big feet and shoot pictures of the reporter that is jump. Stefania manages to make herself free and she escapes running into the door, but it’s locked and that I XXXX her back into the room by utilizing it like a leash to tug on the bimbo and also addibg a tight crotch rope. Stefania is currently sitting with her legs tied on a seat. I push her toes beneath the seat and bind them connect her tied hands I begin to massage them and again put some oil on her soles and tie her toes again and her bound feet. Suddenly Stefania starts to moan and spreads her toes. I threathen to market the pictures take some embarrassing pictures of her. I take off her ballgag and untie her out of the seat bondage. I hear a loud noise and I run out to find out what it is. Stefania jumps around and finds that the cellphone with the pictures onto the floor. She struggles to achieve it to delete the photographs that are incriminating, but it is not easy with all the bondage limiting her. I push her back down onto the mattress and then regag the wide. I tie feet together again and place her into a tight hogtie. Since Stefania has been rude I leave her bound and incapable to discover her and blindfold her.

Date: July 14, 2020
Category: General porn

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