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Beautiful Jenny Jett has a obsessed stalker. He´s been stalking her for a while – showing up in her job, creeping up behind her inundating her with phone calls, mails and texts. We opt to teach the loser boy a lesson. Jenny tiptoes to his sack in the middle of night and he´s XXXX with pictures of her frame and he is actually hugging among the photographs as he dreams of his Jenny. His eyes start and poor Jason Ninja thinks that Jenny is an illusion. He thinks he´s in paradise with the long legged beauty. Jenny throws him and grabs him. She slowly removes her lace panties kicks at him. Jason&severe;s eyes glow as he sees her pussy but the panties are quickly shoved by Jenny into Jason&severe;s mouth and that I wrapping layers of thick tape around his head silencing the pitiful stalker. I bind his wrists together behind his back and the poor boy struggles to find free. Jenny taunts him and smacks him across the face. I tie his knees up and then we put him back. He doubles over to guard his balls, but Jenny kicks him hard between his thighs ball busting ball stomping him with her high heels. continue linking him up she straddles him. The obsessed loser man attempts to catch a glimpse of her pussy. Helpless Jason groans and grunts to his gag. Isn&severe;t this what you´ve dreamed of loser… Jenny on your mattress. You are nothing but a stalker and we are teaching you a lesson. I finish the boy off over giving her stalker a kiss on his tapegagged mouth. We depart our sufferer unhappy – bound and gagged and alone with his images of Jenny.

From: Milfgigi.com
Date: July 23, 2020
Category: General porn

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