OMG you Ripped Them –


Amazon Mistress Damazonia, the gorgeous Amazon Mistress is using her slave to sit on a stool. He is then instructed to reach the ground and kiss her stilettos. She assists him further by pressing her heel against his flesh, and pushing him forward. He falls on the ground. He is inferior, she says. He seems happy about his recent work and she allows him to kiss her legs. With his sharp fingernail, the fool grabs her nylons and tears them. Damazonia becomes furious. He is called a useless piece schl1t by her. He is to lie down on the floor with his head resting on the couch, so that she can cover him in her beautiful sex. She tells him, “I had intended to allow you to worship my beautiful sex but instead, you will suffer.” He soon kicks for air, and she lifts her legs above his body to make it worse. She then repeatedly slams his shoes into his feet. After bouncing on her nylons, she grinds him with her nylons before getting back in. Glorious Damazonia, a cool and cruel slave owner, delights in watching her suffer. Then she moves in a reverse-face sitting position, pressing her heels into the chest of the slave. He isn’t as important to her as his nylons, she tells him. She then sits on the slave and rips off the leg of her nylons. Then, she gets up and puts the nylons into her mouth before sitting on him again. She doesn’t get up this time.

Date: May 26, 2022
Category: Shemale

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