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Beth McKenna is feeling anxious and sexually suppressed. So she visits Lotus Lain, who is a specialist in alternative therapies. Beth confesses that she fantasizes about being tied down, restrained and having all her power taken away. Lotus is aware that Beth may be fantasizing about more than she is revealing. Beth must admit to dreaming of sexy women. Lotus assures Beth that she has a personal plan. It starts with Beth sitting down on the table. The stoic prude is dressed in fancy lingerie. Beth admits that she hopes something will happen in her session. Lotus commands Beth first to kiss her and then lick her feet while she is spanked. Lotus grabs BethaEURTMs little black pussy, and itaEURTMs already wet. Beth reveals her deep desire to have Lotus fuck her. Beth is then tied to a tight rope and suspended from her office ceiling. Lotus gives Beth her sweet pussy to kiss, lick, and worship. But the tight bondage makes it hard for her. Lotus rides BethaEUR ™, riding on her head and grinding her sweet cunt over BethaEUR ™. Lotus wants her tongue to be deep within her tummy, so it can go right into the tight spot. As Beth is working hard, Lotus takes out her vibrator, and invites Beth to have a good time. BethaEUR ™, then lies down on her back, with her legs up, and her head facing upwards. Lotus exposes her naked pussy for her to work. She then dildos her. Lotus then whacks BethaEUR ™’s ass with her flogger, while she pounding her pussy. Because there is no joy without pain, Lotus now wants to discover the heart of Beth McKenna’s character, so she inserts her dildo into BethaEUR ™, making Beth her anal slut.

From: whippedass
Date: July 11, 2022
Category: Domination

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