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Were searching for the”new face” of all Dogfart, and weve set among our top bulls — Rico Strong — in control of the search. Its a full scale casting call: online, print, and radio was used to find a hot blond whos insatiable for black cock and wishes to reflect our new. Rico had just one stipulation, which is he enjoys them small. Really tiny. Petite! Enter Piper Perri. She saw the online advertisement, and shes down to be the surface of Dogfart. After Rico does the required ID test, he has her try on a size zero bikini. Thats Ricos evaluation for this campaign: when theyre small enough to fit into a Size Zero, theyre a significant candidate for the job! Does Piper fit into the bikini. . .its a little too large for her! Shes also down for the remainder of the casting couch regular, including sucking and fucking. See as teeny-tiny Piper takes up a lot of Ricos BBC as will fit in her tiny, tight cunt. Rico moves her into the max before unloading all over her braces. After all said and done, Rico thinks hes discovered that the face of Dogfart!

From: InterracialPickups.com
Date: March 17, 2019
Stars: Piper Perri
Category: Teen

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