Pretty Rachel Adams phoned me and told me she&extreme;d come for a visit. Obviously I&severe;m very excited because I&extreme;t never had the courage to tell her, I always been attracted to her and have some hot lesbian sex and I want to fool around with her. Waiting for her dress so sexy in the strappy high heel pumps, garter belt and stocking as well as my red satin gown which she likes. Rachel arrives and extreme & she;s wearing jeans and a blouse. She informs me she walked for three hours with her high heel sandals and is somewhat exhausted. I start to caress her thighs and request her to let me see them. She peels off the jeans and I can see her sandals and the straps cut into her flesh. Oh wow – for so long in those shoes with the strings cutting right on her soft flesh, could you walk. Rachel confesses to becoming a masochist and she loves this and it turns her on to see folks staring at her hobbling. She’s repulsed by the notion of the and I rub her legs and touch her buttocks to stimulate her, but Rachel needs no part of this although I am excited by her. I give her a drink and following XXXX Rachel falls into a XXXX. The beautiful creature wakes up in my mattress hogtied and stripped down to her tiny panties horribly. Her arms and legs bound with miles of ropes. Wrists and elbows painfully crushing and ankles trimmed together. I tell my prey that she can no longer withstand my loving affection and she has to devote in. Rachel&severe;s eyes widen and she fights valiantly to get away from me. This leaves me angry so I push not one but 2 pair of my underwear deeply to her mouth and wrap her mind with layers of duct tape. The thing is silenced to moans and grants. I tell Rachel that because she is a masochist her has to be turning getting her hot and wet. I fondle her body groping her tits, pussy and ass. I put super close and run my hands over her nearly naked body. I say that I’m going shopping for a few hours and after I return Rachel better be ready and good for a few lesbian loving. I leave helpless Rachel simmer and fighting for a long time and kiss her gagged mouth.

Date: January 14, 2020
Category: General porn

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