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I’m using the great weather by going for a walk around my neighborhood estate. I am wearing a pink cami dress, a matching pink shirt which is tight and shows off my miniature figure, and a pair of white heeled shoes with cute knee length jeans. Underneath my dress is a very wet and sterile ID Slip diaper. I am badly in need of a change, therefore I find a quiet place behind a wall and then spread my woolen blanket carefully on the floor. I cheekily reveal how the way soaked my diaper is coming straight out of the front and the back, showing the wetness index which has completely changed color. I unpeel the tabs on either side of this ID Slip and slide off it. . I then take a Tena Slip Maxi from my back pack to modify into. I spread it out to the blanket and put my tight bum at the top and then fasten the tabs up around my buttocks. I take an exhilarating moment to admire the lovely crinkly plastic sensation before standing up to look at my handiwork. My diaper looks awesome so I cant resist giving it a very brief flash. It was quiet and nice beneath the walls, but nevertheless, I´m really not positive if anybody has ever seen me. But when you really need a change, there&severe;so nothing else you can do 😉

Date: September 22, 2020
Stars: Faye Taylor
Category: Fetish

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