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Cody Winter excited to suffer and is right back at the dungeon. Heavy metal chains are padlocked shut around his entire body, keeping him exposed to the plans of Sebastian Keys. Sebastian pulls and pinches at Codys delicate nipples. He offers Codys foreskin a crown of crops and closepins Codys muscles, cock, and chest. Each minute of torment leaves Codys cock grow. Although a alloy plug is pushed by Sebastian into his bum, next, Cody is wrapped in rope. Cody hasn’t taken electrical toys in his ass before, and once the plug begins pulsing, he cant get enough. He chooses the most amount because his hole clenches round his hips buck and the toy. Now that his ass is full, Sebastian calls a home gimp out to fuck his mouthagain. The gimp pulls at Cody with all the rope to move Cody up and down . Cody whimpers and moans from the sensations, helpless to do anything but gasp and choke the cock in his mouth around. Finally, Cody is gagged and tied together with his legs spread onto a spinning platform. Sebastian flogs and then spanks his ass bright red and stretches Codys ass open on his gloved hands on. The gimp appears to provide a great fucking to Cody. Cody yells around his gag as the gimp lbs his asshole. Cody takes every inch of this penis just like the slut. Once his pit is fucked open, Cody gets a load onto his head.

From: Boundgods.com
Date: March 2, 2020
Category: Gay porn

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