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“You guys both have fairly hairy asses! “I was hanging out with Raymond and Pavel and that I couldnt resist bringing this up. I believe hairy asses are really sexy, but the majority of the time when you compliment a guy on it, he makes humiliated like its a thing to be embarrassed of!They possibly laughed. I knew Pavel wasnt going to be phased by my comment. Hes a whole exhibitionist and he embraces his hairiness.Raymond, on the other hand… well, Im getting to know him bit by bit. He doesnt really wear his feelings on his sleeve so that the slow procedure. Thankfully, Pavel is the kind of guy who can bring people out of their shells, and so the three people took the shit. It was fun!Thenout of nowhere:”Man, I’m prepared to get this done!” Pavel said.He was enthusiastic. And so was I! Two muscle studs ready to fuck… discuss a meeting of this titans!Pavel was great… he really gave Raymonds ass a workout. . .Ill let you watch the film to see on your own, however by the conclusion Raymonds hairy crack has been dripping with lube and sweat!

From: Seancody.com
Date: September 17, 2020
Stars: Pavel / Raymond
Category: Gay porn

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