I abandon bitchy client Michelle Peters gagged and tied up and Iacute;m sitting in her counter tops when I suddenly I feel that an arm wrapped tightly round my neck. The bitch escaped – WTF!! She XXXX me onto the floor to the down – that the very small thing pops layers of bandage round my mind effectively silencing me. I kick and struggle although the small bitch is powerful. She catches speaker wire and binds my wrists together behind my back all of the while cursing me. She smacks my ass telling me to repay while she continues to tie me up and pulls on at my ponytail tough. Michelle is out and furious for revenge!!! My flesh is cut in by the speaker wire and she still has no mercy as she wires up my elbows drill them together and pulling on tight. I shout in pain. The small woman that is tough unbuttons my uniform and cuts – ripping it right off my body!!! She has joy squeezing and groping my tits and I am in agony. I shout beneath the gag and she XXXX my entire body into a back bend leaving me in a speaker cord hogtie. Her eyes are cold like ice hockey and I am scared out of my thoughts when she says”Revenge is sweet that you mature bitch” leaving me rolling aorund struggling – gagged and bound in speaker wire.

Date: October 20, 2019
Category: General porn

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